Three excellent optical Tianzhu Mountain 10th Anniversary Tour

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Technology start-ups decades off, recast three excellent brilliant innovation

                     - Record three excellent optical Tianzhu Mountain 10th Anniversary Tour

 Three excellent optical, China's leading manufacturer of optical components. Founded in January 2001, R & D and production is high-speed semiconductor lasers / detectors and components, and used in mobile communications, CATV, and FTTH optical module manufacturers in China well-known optical devices, high-tech enterprise certified by the state .

 January 8, 2011, the occasion of three excellent optical tenth anniversary of the establishment of the company in Xiamen Tianzhu Mountain Forest Park in a variety of activities. All employees to bring family members involved in this event, our partners have come to the festival.

 On the day, blue skies, sunny. Employees in groups of climbing competitions, and the scene is extremely hot, catch everyone, not far behind, reflecting the three excellent entrepreneurial spirit of people.

 In Tianzhu lake, the company specifically for the presence of more than 20 employees' children held a unique dough parent-child activities, children are lovely performance of the atmosphere to a climax, we see three excellent people more dynamic tomorrow.

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